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About Industrial Evaporative Cooling

Industrial evaporative cooling is a method used to cool large areas and is an effective cooling system for many industries. It is also known as swamp coolers, and it has been around for decades. It is a simple but very efficient method of cooling. Almost every company that has an industrial building uses this method of cooling. This system is used in various places such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, greenhouses and other similar places. Most of the time, these systems are used to remove the heat from manufacturing processes.

It is an alternative to the use of air conditioners, which are expensive and have high operating costs, as well as high energy consumption and production of greenhouse gases.

This system is also known as industrial wet cooling or e-cooling and is based on the principle that water evaporates more quickly when warm than when cold.

How does an Industrial Evaporative Cooling System work?

IIndustrial evaporative cooling uses an open water reservoir that is usually placed directly on the ground outside of the structure being cooled. It also has an air intake vent and an air exhaust vent. The water reservoir contains water that is sprayed over a large cooling pad. This large cooling pad is usually made out of metal and will have small holes all over it for maximum surface area. The water from the reservoir is sprayed over the cooling pad, which will then release heat through evaporation from the metal plate and then carry that heat into the air leaving through the exhaust vents.

Water will continuously be re-circulated through this system to maintain a cool environment inside.

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What are the running costs?
Here’s a quick list of the most common running costs associated with an Evaporative Cooling System.
  • Tub cleaning: Running costs vary depending on the size of your tub and how often you use it. If you only use your tub intermittently, then you should expect to pay less than if you use it on a daily basis.
  • Power: Evaporative coolers work by using power to drive an external fan. The amount of power required depends on the size of your cooling system as well as how high you have the fan setting.
  • Costs for replacement parts: Replacement parts for an evaporative air cooler can be quite costly. Since parts are not standardised between manufacturers, there is no real way to estimate what repairs might cost you without contacting the manufacturer directly and requesting a quote for your specific cooler model.
Why should you opt for an Industrial Evaporative Cooling System?

Industrial Evaporative Cooling systems are one of the most innovative and efficient ways to cool air. Evaporative cooling works by using a fan to blow air through a wet material, causing the water to evaporate into the surrounding air. This process is called “condensation” – when water changes from a liquid to a gas.

Because the evaporative cooling towers do not use freon or any other harmful chemicals like traditional cooling systems, they are much better for the environment and much safer for those who work around them.

The other major benefit of an industrial evaporative cooling system is that it uses very little electricity compared to traditional air conditioners, which means you will save money on your energy bills!

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